The Origin Of Earth, Solar System, Universe And Life.

Black hole

Origin Of Universe, Solar System, Earth And Life.

Here, the term “evolution” generally refers to the origin of life or we can say origin of living thing but here we go far back to stars, planets, galaxies, etc. The talk will be interesting because the astronomy is a interested topic and the simple thing is everyone wants to know how they and the place where they live originates so let’s talk about the same in this article.

So we can say that the origin of planet, stars and galaxies are the evolution. There are many theories that how dose the universes originates and the Indian theory of how the universe originates is the oldest one but here in this article we would talk about the modern theory which make sense according to the daily changes in marked in universe.

In late 1920s the American astronomer Edwin Hubble made a very interesting and important discovery. He observed that the different stars and planets are receding from earth in every direction as time passes. Moreover the velocity of recession increases as distance. The distance were calculated again and again to confirm the recession and made the conclusion that the universe is expanding.

The bid bang


Hubble’s hypothesis of an expanding universe leads to certain deductions. One is that the universe was more condensed at a previous time. From this deduction came the suggestion that all the currently observed matter and energy in the universe was initially condensed in a very small place and infinitely hot mass. A huge explosion, known as the Big Bang, then sent matter and energy expanding in all directions.

Origin Of Universe.

The biggest and the toughest question of all times is the origin of universe

So, How dose the Universe originates?

The Big Bang.

The big bang theory is the leading and the modern explanation of the began of universe. Here it explains how the universe originates so according to the big bang theory the whole known universe starts with a infinitely hot, infinitely dense singularity, then inflated — first at unimaginable speed, and then at a more measurable rate- over the 13.8 billion years of cosmos today we know.

The modern and current instrument dose not allow us to see back and know more about the origin of universe and here what we understand about the big bang is only calculated by the mathematical assumptions and the formula. Astronomers can, however, see the “echo” of the expansion through a phenomenon known as the cosmic microwave background.Formation of solar system

Approximate about 13.7 billion years ago , everything we know today was infinitesimally small singularity, a point of infinite dense and infinite hot. Then the explosive expansion began which pushed our universe particles away from each other more than the speed of light . This was the period of cosmic Inflanation which lasted only for few seconds. This all makes the wat that we think about the big bang theory.

When the cosmic Inflanation comes to a sudden end the more clarification took place about the big bang. A flood of matter and radiation, known as “reheating,” began the process of populating our universe with the stuff we know today — particles, atoms, stars, galaxies and so on.

It was the first second when the universe began and during this the temperature was to high about 10 billion degree Faranite ( 5.5 billion degree Celsius) but as the expansion took place the universe starts cooling. The cosmos not contain the vast storage of fundamental particle like protons, neturons and electrons. They are only the building block and raw materials for every thing what we see today.

The raw materials after the big bang was in very high amount in the form of electrons, protons and neturons. They reacted each other to form element’s and then this element’s reacts each other for the formation of the stars, planets and galaxies in the universe and today because of the blast and the force exerted by it also moves the particles of universe away from each other.

This is how the formation of universe took place according to ” The Big Bang “.

Origin of Solar System.

According to the big bang theory of universe – The universe blinked Volintely 13.7 billion years ago. The big bang is considered as expansion .The Big Bang involved a sudden expansion of matter, energy, and space from a single point. The sudden expansion created the space from a single point or the space was itself created by big bang.

At the start of big bang the universe was infinite hot and dense and was filled with particle smaller than atoms but at the time passes the particle moved away from each other and where colled. This particle then combined and reacted each other to form the most common element in universe that are hydrogen and hellium with a small amount of lithium which is vastly present in universe. Gravity caused clouds of these early elements to coalesce into stars, and it was inside these stars that heavier elements were formed.

How was earth formed in universe

Source- IFLscience

Over solar system began with over 5 billion years ago or probably we can say it begans roughly 8.7 billion years ago after the big bang.  Solar System. mostly consist of the tiny particle orbiting or revolving around one or more central star.They begin with a cloud of gas or dust called nebula. Nebulae are some of the most beautiful objects that have been photographed in space, with vibrant colors from the gases and dust they contain, and brilliant twinkling from the many stars that have formed within them.

The sun and the planet formed together 4.6 billion years ago from a cloud and gas of dust called solat nebula. A shock wave from a nearby supernova explosion is initiated to collapse of the solar nebula. The sun was formed in the center and the planets formed a thin layer orbiting around it. In the similar manner moon orbits around the planets. The comets where thrown out to grate distance by close the gravitational encounter through the gaint planets. The formation of sun created the strong solar wind which cleared the dust and smoke from solar system and the astroids remains forming the layer around the orbits of planets.

Origin Of Earth.

The  Earth our planet is considered as one of the most beautiful planet ever and a habitable planet for human being. We can not say only Earth there may be some another planet but here we talk only about what we have observed till now in the universe.So let’s go in the deep and learn about the origin of our planet earth.

The formation of sun after the origin of solar system remaining material began to clump up. Small particle drew together due to the force of gravity to larger particle. The solar wind from the sun throwed away the lighter particle our of the solar system. Heavy, rocky material like Earth were left in the certain range to sun.

Origin of earth

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During the formation of solar system the earth was born as a dry planet without atmosphere and oxygen components. The solid and dense material at the center of the earth formed the core which is probably hot and the lighter material formed the crust in Earth. The core with iron, magnesium and many other metals formed the magnetic field on earth and the gravity capture the gaser around the planet and this forms a atmosphere around the planet.

Early in its evolution, Earth suffered an impact by a large body that catapulted pieces of the young planet’s mantle into space. Gravity caused many of these pieces to draw together and form the moon, which took up orbit around its creator.

Origin Of Life On Earth.

The origin of life on earth is a question which is not answered till now. It’s always doubtful about the origin of life that how the organic molecules were formed from inorganic molecule. Since, there are many theories from different religions about the origin of life but there is no proof about all so the real study of origin of life began from the university of Chicago in late 1953.

In University in Chicago they placed a model how the organic molecules were formed by inorganic molecules by showing chemical reaction which favours the condition like acidic solution, heat,charge without the existence of enzyems in natural environment by concluding such reactions have generated the organic molecule after the formation of planet.

Evolution of life in earth

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In the same year many organic molecules were found in meteorites, comets and even interstellar gas clouds. This organic molecules were the building block for living organism, but again the question arises that how this building blocks join together to form the living system. After the Earth cooled enough to allow oceans to form, the Miller-Urey process or something like it produced a rain of organic matter. In a relatively short time, the ocean became a broth of these molecules, and given enough time, the right combination of molecules came together by pure chance to form a replicating entity of some kind that evolved into modern life.

The building blocks could have combined in further reactions, forming larger, more complex molecules (polymers) like proteins and nucleic acids, perhaps in pools at the water’s edge.

The polymers could have assembled into units or structures that were capable of sustaining and replicating themselves. Oparin thought these might have been “colonies” of proteins clustered together to carry out metabolism, while Haldane suggested that macromolecules became enclosed in membranes to make cell-like structures. Then the evolution took place and this organic material where converted into animals and plants.

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